Race & Ethnicity

Lincolnshire has seen a large increase in its minority ethnic population between the 2001 and 2011 by 155.6% and now stands that 10.6% of the population (6,019 increase of people). The increasing numbers are set to be promising with the latest 2011 census for the first time showing a group of Arab and other ethnic groups.

In 2011, 5.3% of the Lincolnshire population were classified as ‘non-white’, equating to 4,927 people. As in the East Midlands, the largest visible minority ethnic group in Lincolnshire at the 2001 Census was Indian. Although the size of the minority ethnic population in Lincolnshire is small, it covers a wide spread of ethnic groups which have diverse needs. Yet, numbers are still low compared to both the regional and national averages.

The 2011 Census does not however identify the large ‘non visible’ ethnic minority of white migrants predominantly from the former Eastern European Accession Countries which joined the European Union in 2004/2006 and in some parts of the county are now estimated to account for between 10 and 15% of the local population. It is difficult to forecast future situations due to ongoing changes such as Britain eradicating it’s EU membership, other than to assume static proportions of groups recorded in the 2011 Census and to apply these to projected population figures.



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Citizen Advice Migrant Helpline

Lincolnshire Citizen’s Advice Bureau operate a Migrant Helpline on 0844 847 6128 available only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 9.30am and 1.00pm.

Locally based legal Advice for Immigration Matters

If you have any immigration enquiries or queries, you can contact Rebecca Birkett at Chattertons Solicitors, she is an Experienced Immigration Solicitor and is able to offer a free telephone consultation enquiry service for each new enquiry, this is limited to 20 minutes. You can contact Rebecca using the following methods: Phone: 01205 310025; E-mail: [email protected]

Chattertons Immigration Law team has a number of years of extensive experience behind them and can advise on most areas of immigration law. Chattertons are only able to advise on the Immigration laws of England and Wales. Chattertons provide a friendly and bespoke service offering as much support as the client requests on a privately funded basis. Chattertons solicitors prepare an immigration bulletin which is sent out by e-mail free of charge, the bulletin is quite brief but brings to the readers attention some of the important changes in our immigration laws, rules, guidance and procedure. If you would like to receive this bulletin then please contact Rebecca Birkett (see her contact details above). Chattertons also run a number of seminars through out the year to train individuals and businesses with reference to various immigration matters. Gangmaster Licensing Authority – Migrant Worker Helpline The Gangmaster Licencing Authority (GLA) is an organisation created to safeguard the welfare and interests of workers whilst ensuring labour providers operate within the law. The GLA have a confidential reporting hotline where information relating to unlicensed gangmasters can be reported anonymously – 0845 6025020 – Alternatively information about rouge gangmasters can be passed via an online secure anonymous reporting form which is available in 8 languages on the GLA website.

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