Religion & Belief

Lincolnshire’s largest proportion of people, stated that they were Christian in the 2011 Census, at 58% which is just slightly lower than national and regional figures of 59%. This figure has decreased by 14% from the 2001 census.

This figure has decreased by 14% from the 2001 census. Of the remaining people, the majority stated that they had no religion of around 30,456 people and around 6,666 did not state a religion, therefore although other faiths were represented, they are represented in very low numbers. The low numbers of people following other mainstream religions is related to the low ethnic population in the county. There are a number of non-Christian faith groups who meet together locally including, in descending order; Muslim, other religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, some of which have their own place of worship in the county. However a number of Lincolnshire residents of other faiths have little option but to travel to nearby cities such as Nottingham, Leicester and Peterborough where there are well established places of worship and faith related support networks. Lincolnshire also has an established inter faith group.

Briefing on the 2011 Census

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