Sexual Orientation

There is no accurate data on the numbers of men and women who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) in Lincolnshire, reflecting a national problem with accurate statistical analysis.

Both Stonewall and HM Treasury concur that between 5 – 7% of the population of the UK are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but acknowledge the difficulty in accurate analysis. In Lincolnshire this represents over 50,000 people.

Local representatives from the LGBT community support the “hidden” population of transgender people. JUST Lincolnshire will work with partner agencies to make sure they can deliver on their responsibility to ensure that service provision, employment practices and policy making does not disadvantage LGBT people, and that we develop members of the community to become community leaders and to support employers and service providers in tackling unfair treatment, harassment or discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. JUST Lincolnshire will work with representatives from the LGBT community in Lincolnshire to ensure appropriate consideration is given to its needs with regard to service provision, policy making and employment matters by our partners, member organisations and the wider society.

A New Gay Night in Lincoln

Lincoln Pride announce that on Sunday 30th January Revolution in Lincoln City Centre will open its doors for the first time as an OFFICIAL GAY night and will continue to do so every last Sunday of the month… The Launch night will offer everyone a free glass of bubbly on the door, amazing drinks offers, sexy promo staff, raunchy rainbow shots and the chance to win a bar tab as well as a night of funky music in an indulgently, gorgeously glammed up Gay Revolution. Revolution will be serving their regular high class cocktails and drinks and have put together some exclusive GAY Revolution drinks offers that will wet everyones taste buds and will be served by the usual sexy Revolution staff whilst flying that famous rainbow flag. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT!

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