Currently national Hate Crime statistics are recorded for the following strands; Race, faith and belief, disability, sexual orientation, and transgender identity. However, there is an increasing call for misogyny to be officially recognised along with the other strands, particularly following on from a successful pilot in Nottinghamshire

Abuse can occur in a public space, at work or in a educational setting, online, in a domestic setting and take a form that is sexual, physical, or coercive. Additional forms of abuse can include modern day slavery, female genital mutilation, and stalking.

Educational settings are experiencing an increase in misogynistic behaviour and conversations, particularly in the light of recent publicity of Andrew Tate.

Here at JUST Lincolnshire this is an area that we strongly focus on in our quest for a fairer county free of discrimination and harassment. Currently we are working in Spalding, Skegness, and Boston, thanks to Safer Streets funding, to work with and develop community ambassadors that can help challenge violence against women and girls and anti-social behaviour that leads to discrimination and harassment. JUST Lincolnshire wants to help create a generation of upstanders not bystanders.

 If you are interested in working with JUST Lincolnshire to challenge misogyny and anti-social behaviour, please do contact us at [email protected] or [email protected],uk . If you are an education provider who would like to explore how JUST Lincolnshire could assist with addressing these please contact [email protected] or [email protected] .

You may find this film developed by JUST Lincolnshire provides a useful conversation starter.

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