The mentoring charity Pilotlight visited JUST Lincolnshire for a meeting on the 27th of February 2017 to discuss future possibilities and create the first stepping stone in a relationship between Pilotlight and JUST Lincolnshire.

Pilotlight is currently assisting JUST Lincolnshire to improve and enhance the charity to make it more efficient and productive. By aiding JUST Lincolnshire, the charity will be able to help and teach even more individuals about discrimination and equality. On February 27th 2017, JUST Lincolnshire hosted an initial meeting between Pilotlight and themselves where they began the mentoring process. Directors of the charity, ambassadors and friends also attended, all eager to tell their experiences of JUST Lincolnshire and help in any way they can. By sharing their own individual experiences of JUST Lincolnshire, Pilotlight could identify the strengths and weaknesses of the charity.

The session started with a quick introduction and this quickly created a relaxed atmosphere, where individuals could share their thoughts and personal stories in connection to JUST Lincolnshire. During lunch, the attendees could stick notes onto the walls with their own views on how JUST Lincolnshire could improve, what they felt they needed from JUST Lincolnshire and areas that the charity excels at. These notes will be used by Pilotlight to help with the recommended improvements they will present later this year. After lunch, everyone gathered together to compare experiences and have an open discussion about possibilities for the future of JUST Lincolnshire.

This initial meeting will be the first stepping stone in a relationship between Pilotlight and JUST Lincolnshire that will enable JUST Lincolnshire to help even more people. By spreading their message of respect through Lincolnshire the county will become an even more welcoming place for everyone.

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