‘How We Got Here’ – A Black History Teaching Series. (which was running live online 1st July – 12th August 2020)

“Our aim with this series is to educate and empower young people and adults with knowledge surrounding Black British History as well as an insight into African American History. Our hope is to enhance people’s understanding of the history behind systemic racism within the western world, thus evolving the ongoing conversation about race, which has been ignited since the recent horrific murder of George Floyd.

‘How We Got Here’ will be taught by one of our amazing  long serving volunteers, Joshua Preye Garry. As a qualified history teacher, Joshua has a range of insight and experience educating young people about Black history and has kindly donated his expertise and time to bring this series to life. Reaching Higher is merely the vehicle to launch this teaching series but we know the importance of building community and believe that together we can achieve more!

(Started on Wednesday 1st July 2020, ‘How We Got Here’ will be a 7 week series delivered via Zoom & Google Classroom.  You can take part by yourself, with family, friends or as an organisation.)” you can now access the series here on the link below: