As we are all aware Covid19 and the effects of lock down on the disabled, elderly and carers may be long lasting. The value of access to the countryside for everyone helps their health and wellbeing. This is even more important for the disabled, elderly and carers. In Lincolnshire the Lincolnshire Local Access Forum has created over the years a number of Countryside For All route leaflets for some of the most accessible Lincolnshire routes. They are designed to give people information relating to the route surface, cross slopes, gradients etc. So whether you are a young family with a pushchair, someone in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, someone who would like to access the countryside but does not feel confident too venture into unknown territory, these leaflets are designed to assist you making a judgement on whether the route is suitable for you. I have attached the Frampton Marsh leaflet as an example, also attached is a list of the current route leaflets on a blank order form. The 2020 pre Covid orders for the same routes as the previous year shot up by 50% to 14575 leaflets. In a normal year we would expect a further 3000 to be ordered during the year. The route leaflets are distributed to Lincolnshire Tourist Information Centre’s, Lincolnshire Libraries and a number of tourist attractions. We also deliver to disability groups and events for the disabled, elderly and carers outside Lincolnshire. As there is no interest to have a Choice Unlimited event in Lincolnshire we have not been able to distribute the leaflets to Lincolnshire disabled, elderly and carers groups or individuals. Please can you circulate this email asking disability groups  to email me if they require an order form to be sent out for their 2021 order and provide an indication of the number of leaflets they require, so we can fund the stock.

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