JUST Lincolnshire is always looking for new ways to tackle discrimination and spread our message. Following the success of JUST Communities and our other projects, it is important that we capitalise on our previous opportunities and keep up the momentum. It is an exciting time for equality as we roll out new plans throughout the year.

Freedom Trail
We obtained funding to design, set up and establish a Freedom Trail, set within community woodland (Hill Holt Wood) in the county of Lincolnshire. The trail will be open to visitors from across the county and beyond. The development of the Freedom Trail will be driven by children and young people from formal and informal learning centres from across the county who will form the planning group. The group will meet (virtually or physically) on a regular basis (weekly/monthly as need dictates), attend up to two activities based in Hill Holt Wood as well as launch the Freedom Trail across a 3 day period which will engage with primary school, secondary school as well as an additional general open day. The 3 day Freedom Trail Festival will enable those attending to walk the trail, pausing at various ‘stations’ to reflect on various elements of the history of Human Rights and its relevance today. There will also be the opportunity to engage in interactive theatre as well as developing woodland skills. The link between Human Rights and woodland skills is important as we aim to use the momentum from the current 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and link it with the arguably more relevant Charter of the Forest whose anniversary is in 2017 and gave freedom to much more of the population of England.

Unity in the Community
Unity in the Community’ is our exciting, Boston Big Local funded project which will take place in 2016. The project will showcase workshops and events that will help bring together and celebrate the diverse communities living in the Boston Big Local area. We believe our projects will help create and instil the old-fashioned virtues of civic pride and neighbourliness where people matter regardless of who they are or where they come from. We will ensure that all of our events and workshops will be free to join in and participate. We recognise that where these events take place is equally important, so we are delighted to say that Boston Stump, the town’s most historic and iconic building will be the centre piece for this project and will be opening its doors to host all four main events. Through our planned activities and events we want to bring together residents who have deep roots and affinities with the town, as well as providing a warm welcome to those newly arrived in Boston, be it from Peterborough or Poland. We recognise that not all local residents will feel confident or valued within their local community. To help address this, we will organise and run dedicated community workshops and activities in the Big Local area following the launch event which will take place in May 2016:

  • ‘Trash Fash’ – a fashion show with a difference. A series of community workshops will be held with support from 2 artists to give residents the opportunity to meet and make new friends and explore their creative talents ready for a high profile fashion show at the Stump.
  • Music for Sophie project. Building on a well-established and very successful partnership, Boston College will coordinate this event that explores aspects of cultural diversity using the creative arts. The project will involve Boston College music and performing arts students putting their learning into practice for the benefit of the local community by delivering a number of open performances in the Boston Big Local Area. It will culminate with the Music for Sophie gig at Boston Stump. This gig aims to raise awareness of the wonderful work of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a nationally acclaimed charity which has deep attachments with Boston.
  • Our faith roadshow will give local residents the chance to visit and explore local places of worship. As a finale, Boston Stump will host a fantastic religion and faith roadshow bringing together all the main religions under one roof, allowing residents the opportunity to experience and celebrate the different customs and cultures resident in the Boston Big local community.
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