JUST Lincolnshire is passionate about creating a county where everybody is valued and people and their rights are respected. We realise that with rights come responsibilities, and we take our responsibilities very seriously.

The staff and directors of JUST Lincolnshire have been thinking about our responsibility to you and the county and we have come up with 5 core values that will sit at the centre of all we seek to achieve:

Inequality, unfairness and discrimination exist within our county and JUST Lincolnshire recognizes this. This can be compounded by the rurality of the county, the increased impact of austerity and the potential threat to the Human Rights Act. We must be an organization willing to appropriately challenge decisions and thinking that unfairly impacts the most disadvantaged in our county.

We want our work to inspire individuals, communities, groups and organisations to work together, in order to advance equality and human rights in our county. We must remind ourselves of the 2012 London Olympic Games successes. The ‘Gamemaker’ volunteers, who were present at every venue encouraging a warm atmosphere for visitors inspired us. We want to see ‘changemakers’, enthusiastic about the possibility of change and able to demonstrate that openly and freely.

JUST Lincolnshire advocates for openness across the county, but we know that it must start with us. JUST Lincolnshire has no hidden agenda, we are very clear that our sole agenda is to create a county where people are valued and their rights are respected. We are open, and we must continue to work with our partners in an honest and transparent way.

Integrity is often explained as “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” For JUST Lincolnshire it means just that and doing it in a truthful and fair way. So you can depend on our staff and our organization to get things right for you and our county with professionalism and integrity.

We seek to act and speak on behalf of those in Lincolnshire impacted by inequalities and discrimination. In order to do this we have to be independent, so we can build trust amongst communities and challenge issues impartially. As we continue to address issues of inequality and discrimination our increased independence becomes more vital. To learn more about how we use our 5 core values please visit plans and projects.

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