In August 2017, Wes Shelbourne was introduced to the management team of Park Air Systems, the World’s leading provider of air-space communication solutions, based in the south of Lincolnshire.

The introduction was facilitated through JUST Lincolnshire’s involvement in the Pilot Light programme and was primarily to explore how JUST Lincolnshire could develop a training package around Unconscious Bias to deliver to some of Park Air System’s management team.

The purpose of this was twofold. Firstly, to provide Park air Systems with some specialist training for key staff members and secondly, to enable JUST Lincolnshire to develop and deliver from scratch a training programme that, if successful, could be rolled out to other groups and organisations.

The background work and development of the programme took approximately six months before being delivered at Park Air Systems, based in Market Deeping, in March 2018. From a JUST Lincolnshire perspective, the session was successful with many positive learning points to enable us to enhance and develop the training further. There was much positive feedback from Park air Systems;

“An important subject, with relevance not just in work but in all aspects of life”

“More aware of Affinity Bias, and engage with a more diverse set of individuals when seeking feedback and clarification”

“Think more deeply on recruitment issues; there were issues raised here that I’d never even thought of before!”

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