In JUST Lincolnshire’s last blog I highlighted barriers to an effective and meaningful partnership. These were:-

  • Lack of Vision
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Unhealthy Competition
  • Funding Driven
  • Power Dynamic
  • Process Driven

It may be useful to look at some of what contributes to healthy and productive partnership:-

Common Understanding.
‘Singing from the same hymn sheet’ is vital with regard to meaningful partnership working. This is not the same as doing everything the same way or agreeing totally with each other. Rather it is about a common understanding of core values e.g. community development is driven by communities, citizens are a communities greatest asset.

Common Purpose.
A partnership can be at its most effective when a common purpose is shared by stakeholders. Are we all heading towards the same destination? i.e. Is our purpose to encourage and enable vibrant and sustainable communities is our purpose governed by funding, power and reputation?

Cultural Values
Do we as partners share similar values? Are we person-centred? Not too hung up on process or statistics?

Communication is vital in avoiding misunderstanding. Here at JUST Lincolnshire we ‘Dare to Share’as the basis for healthy partnership working. One of the recurring barriers to a meaningful partnership is operating in ‘Silos’ and keeping information unnecessarily in the private domain.

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