As an organisation focussed on the importance of equality, Boston West School were initially contacted by JUST Lincolnshire in June 2016 after the school’s attendance of the Freedom Trail Project 2016. A follow-up, in September that year, meant that the team at JUST Lincolnshire could discuss any future involvement with the schools and learning centres that had attended, in particular, their young ambassador programme.

Young Ambassadors are vital in the pursuit of spreading awareness of equality and the understanding of how a person’s actions can impact on themselves and others in negative ways.

The excitement and eagerness felt by the students at Boston West School after the Freedom Trail Project meant that by December young ambassadors at the school had been identified and were ready to start promoting equality amongst their own peers. Giving young people the responsibility to teach others the importance of acceptance and equality is an invaluable opportunity which will hopefully instil itself into the children’s adult lives.

Widening perceptions of hate crime at such a young age is a fantastic way of ensuring they can grow with an acceptance for people from all walks of life and during the Ambassador Training day in January 2017 at Boston West School, it is clear that learning about the benefits of equality is enjoyed by all.

The young ambassadors delivered a presentation in May to 260 peers including members of the JUST Lincolnshire team, further showing the pride these young people have taken in teaching others about equality.

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