JUST Lincolnshire has worked with 61 learning centres in Lincolnshire over the past 5 years to raise awareness of discrimination and Hate Crime and to recruit young ambassadors who will pass on the message to their peers in the school.
These Centres have included Primary and Secondary schools as well as Colleges and Universities. All of the children and young people understand what hate crime is and how devastating it is when a person is treated badly because they are different.
This year alone we have worked with 15 schools, trained 215 new Young Ambassadors who in turn have passed this learning on to 2145 of their peers, which is an amazing amount of people reached!
The way the ambassadors have shared their knowledge varies from learning centre to learning centre and is also adapted to cover all age groups. We have worked with children as young as 5 and even at this young age, these learners know it is wrong to be mean to others about something that a person can do nothing about, their protected characteristics.
Here are some of the schools we have had the pleasure of working with this year.

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