Building a Stronger Britain Together

JUST Lincolnshire was pleased to receive funding from the Home Office’s ‘Building a Stronger Britain Together’ fund in order to develop a project that will result in fewer people holding attitudes, beliefs and feelings that oppose our shared values.

Alongside this the project explores what communities and individuals have in common, including shared values that ultimately increase a sense of belonging and resilience.

The Project

  • Provides a safe space for ‘listening events’ and ‘courageous conversations’ to explore specific issues, particularly surrounding Hate Crime.
  • Develops a dedicated online presence and resource.
  • Establish ‘learning sites’ that will be dedicated to developing and modelling the learning from this project.
  • Capture individual, local stories that will be able to be used as a resource for further learning.

Powerful Stories, Challenging Messages

It has been great to work with a range of partners in developing and delivering this project, especially Electric Egg who have developed a creative and innovative approach to ensuring that individual stories are captured in a way that is respectful yet conveying a powerful and challenging message.

Eight Stories Of Strength

Hannah's Story

“I’m completely different to the person I was. I’m me and that’s what I want to be and that’s who I am and so you can hate me for that but that’s not going to affect me.”

Owen's Story

“Prejudice and pain are taught but so is love and acceptance. Through teaching people, through talking to people is how we can help them and us to learn and love.”

Iggy's Story

“Don’t think of I. think of us, and we, because if you make somebody else’s life better, you’ll make your life better. Guaranteed.”

Kim's Story

“I wasn’t aware until I started working with JUST Lincolnshire what an actual hate crime was or that you could even report things like this for instance, even if somebody is just calling you names and things in the street.”

David's Story

“Get the message across to not just them but to their parents that hate crime will not be tolerated and it should not be allowed to happen.”

John's Story

“A lot of people do think just by looking at you that you look scary or you look dangerous, you’re going to cause a crime – just by how you look.”

Mandy's Story

“So, although it wasn’t a physical assault or a verbal assault, in terms of how it impacts on you as an individual and your colleagues around you – it’s equally as important.”

Ruth & Subash's Story

“And in the long run, we’ve got each other and we’ve got family and we have friends but you…. You’ve just got your hate. It has hurt us but they’re not going to succeed in destroying our relationship.”

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